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Economic Calendar

OFTFX economic events calendar helps traders keep a record of significant financial events that can impact the underlying economies and trigger market changes. All kinds of traders concentrate on global issues and the economic calendar is one of the key instruments.

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  • Time: Time when news is displayed.
  • Actual: Outcome of the displayed news.
  • Country: Shows which currency is impacted. It would definitely affect all currency pairs with that currency.
  • Event: Name of the News displayed
  • Impact: It shows the degree at which the news has impacted the forex market.
  • Forecast: Projection of probable future outcome.
  • Previous: Past data.

How to interpret data:

  • You can anticipate volatility in the relevant currency if in case the actual data reported varies from forecasted data.
  • A larger gap is likely to result in greater volatility.
  • Expected volatility is shown by impact indicator.