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OFT Partner

OFTFX always thinks of it’s clients no matter what and this is the reason that we offer you a chance where you can work with the forex markets experts. Being a part of our partner program you are entitled to get upto 75% reward for each and every transaction made by the clients who signed up.


Any particular registration is not required

Soon as you register to the trading account you get access to the partner link. Therefore without any particular registration all the customers can easily make a way through without any additional work.

An added on income

You get a chance to have an additional income, as through your partner link you can invite new customers to register and on every transaction performed by the customer you earn a reward upto 25%.

How to increase your reward

As per your performance as a partner, we would like to invite you to customize situations where your chances of partner’s award may increase also this in turn will boost the possibility of new partnerships.

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

Instant withdrawals

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Certain types Partnership Award

Detailed statistics

How does your partnership network partner OFTFX

Without any additional personal expense partners are entitled to earn extra money.

Partner’s links published on the internet should be your partner in order to attract new customers. Forex trading is highly dedicated to the forums, blogs, educational portals, and many websites. The more websites that connect to your partner, the better the results will be for the participant. The number of accounts opened using your link partners grows and future partner awards henceforth rises. Build your own website or blog, and it is highly recommended to use it actively. Partner merchants at OFTFX answer questions and valuable informative content.

Partner awards are calculated?

Depending on the type and relatable financial instruments, we determine and calculate the sign up rewards of the participant.

We are here to answer all your queries, therefore if in case you have any questions in your mind, you can directly contact us by sending an email to .