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How OFTFX partner programs work

Across the Internet, spread your partner link to websites.
Traders open fresh trading accounts with OFTFX by following your link.
For every transaction performed by your signed up clients, you receive a reward.

What's a partner link?

After you register your trading account, you will obtain a specific partner link in your Personal Area in the following form:

You can explain the advantages of trading with us by simply putting your partner link on different websites or by sending it to the acquaintances. They will immediately be listed as the clients that you have signed up after using your link to open an account. Your partner link may point to any OFTFX website page: simply add to the URL the unique combination of symbols you received when you registered your trading account. For example, the points at the main page, but points at the trading account registration page.

We credit your partner's reward to a special account in your Personal Area for each closed transaction completed by a signed-up client.If desired, you can in your Personal Area have the partner compensation credited to a specific trading account.To do this, use a partner link formatted as follows:, where Account number is your trading account number. For example, for account number 1234567, the partner link pointing at the main page looks like this: In this case, the partner reward for transactions performed by clients you've signed up will be credited directly to the account indicated in the link.

How is the partner reward calculated?

The reward is measured according to the form of account of the signed-up client and the financial instrument used in the following ways:

1. As a percentage of the spread on the transaction.

On each transaction made by signed up clients, a partner could receive more than 20% of the average spread id a classic account is opened using the partner’s link. In this case the reward amount is calculated by using the following formula:

Reward size = Commission size x Average spread in points x Cost of a point

The size of the commission is decided individually, depending on the partner agreement conditions.

Average spread = (Spread on position opening + Spread on position closing) / 2

If one of the spread values (opening spread or closing spread) differs from the other by more than 30%, then the average spread is calculated using the following formula:

Average spread = (Lesser spread + Lesser spread x 1.3) / 2

2. Reward for trading volume on Classic accounts

Reward depends on the account's level of partnership and also the trade volume if the classic account is registered with a partner's link

In this case, the amount of the reward is calculated using the following formula:

Reward size = Trading volume in USD x Commission size in USD / 1000000

3. Reward for CFD trading

The partner reward amount is fixed at 20% of contract commission for partner at all levels if in case the signed up client trades futures CFDs on mini or classic accounts.

In this case, the amount of the reward is calculated using the following formula:

Reward size = Commission size x Lot x Contract commission